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Hypnosis ONLINE (via video chat) or PHONE

As society is progressing, hypnosis has progressed in coaching and therapy massively over the last few years like no other branch in psychology. Especially in England we find a strong tendency to split modern hypnosis from trance. Hypnosis can go along with a trance, but there’s no „must“.

Example: in your life you have already experienced a phenomena: you’ve searched for your keys, they were directly in front of you on the table, but you didn’t recognize them as being your keys. This is called a “Negative Hallucination” and is experienced usually  while being in a deep hypnotic state. It has nothing to do with a trance, but with the inner belief „they cannot be here“ which is your reality and truth in that short moment.

What does this knowledge mean for us?

Based on this trance-less hypnotic concept new forms for coaching and therapy have been developed, mostly in the UK and Germany. They are very effective and don’t have the need to induce or use trance, except in some forms like Time Regression Therapy. These new techniques are ideal for remote sessions via online channels or phone, because the danger of spontaneous regression with reliving traumatic experiences is improbable.

Your Advantage

You can take a Hypnosis Coaching Session from wherever you are, as long as you are in a calm, undisturbed environment (at home, Hotel room) and have access to fast Internet. A journey is not necessary, you spare the travel cost.


During a preliminary talk on the phone we fix a date. The payment of the fee is made prior to the event via account transfer or PayPal to

The session then starts at the fixed date and time.


for Coaching-Online-Sessions/Seminars/Workshops

The legal obligation starts through an agreement on a date by mail. Cancelling is free of charge up to three days prior to the event, after this date one hour is charged.

The success of an online coaching session depends of the client’s willingness to cooperate – consciously and actively – and his/her commitment. Vital-, Mental- and Success Coaching (Hypnosis, EFT, Grabovoi etc.) have no medical nature. No medical diagnosis is made, nor does the coaching replace a therapy by a doctor. The goal of the coaching session is an improvement of the wellbeing (body-mind-soul) as well as the whole living situation, which in general may influence physical or psychical conditions positively. The coach is used to work hand in hand with doctors and psychotherapists and is obliged to give the advice to visit a specialist in cases it is necessary.

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